Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Size of the package:

To ensure that your Fresh product purchase arrives in great condition, we do not overstuff boxes.  Like inflating a balloon, you do not want to put too much air into it otherwise it will explode. Separate containers are used for each kg of an item. for example, if you order 2kg potatoes you will receive 2 boxes each containing a kg of potato.

Quantity of Packages:

If you purchase multiple units, it may be likely that you received more than one package delivered to your location. Because we do not like to overstuff the boxes, we’ll add a second box to safely ship your product.

Destination Address:

Our products are shipped only to those locations where the product can be found.

Shipping Method

The shipping method refers to the speed of the delivery. The faster the shipping, the more expensive it may be.


Where do you want the delivery?